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Tips for Towable Tubes

Family on tube in water being towed by boat.

Towable tubes make water sports accessible to virtually everyone. They are also one of the most affordable ways to get the whole family or your group of friends out on the water. It’s fun for everyone whether you’re 3 or 103.

Before you head out to the water for the first time, there are some things that you’re going to want to know in order to avoid an accident. Keep these tips for towable tubes in mind and you’ll help to guarantee that everyone will have a memorable time.

  1. You have to steer the towable. Towable tubes cannot generally be controlled by their riders. This means the driver of the boat is responsible for the direction of the inflatable. Since towable tubes have a wider turning arch than other towing sports, it is important to avoid tight curves. A tight curve can cause the line to go slack, then “whip” tight again. Getting caught in that whip can cause a potentially serious injury.
  1. Don’t mix drinking and tubing. Avoid anything that may impair your judgment, even if you are just planning to be a rider.
  1. Always have life jackets for everyone. It’s more than just common sense to have life jackets for all riders and those on the boat. In many cases, it is also the law. Fines can be extensive if there isn’t suitable safety equipment on board should you have an emergency.
  1. Make sure your towable tubes are properly inflated. Even if you have inflated the tube already and previously checked it, you’ll want to continue inspecting your inflatable when using it to make sure there isn’t a puncture or seam leak. If a rider reports changes to the firmness of the towable tube, then stop using it immediately and inspect it for damage. Always inflate the towable tubes to the manufacturer’s recommended level of pressure.
  1. If you can’t have a spotter, then make sure you have a rearview mirror. You should have a spotter whenever possible when using towable tubes. This allows the driver to focus on what is ahead and the spotter to focus on what is behind. If this is not possible, the next best solution is to install a rearview mirror which allows the driver to be able to watch their riders. If this is not possible either, then save tubing for another day.
  1. Ensure that your tow rope is of necessary strength. You’ll also need to inspect your tow rope before using it to make sure there are not places where it has frayed from premature wear. Remove any knots that may have formed in the rope as well. Only connect the tow rope to the recommended towing attachment points that are associated with your boat.

Being safe on the water means making sure your towable tubes and all other equipment have been properly inspected, inflated, and used as intended. Keep these tips for towable tubes in mind the next time you’re having a fun day on the water and all of you will have a memorable, fun experience.

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