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Tips for Purchasing an Inflatable Bounce House

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Safety is always a top priority when purchasing an inflatable bounce house for home use. No one wants to see their kids get injured while having some fun. Yet there are other factors that must also be considered to make sure you’re purchasing the best bounce house for you.

Here are some of the key points you’ll want to think about when shopping for your next inflatable.

  1. Set your budget before you start to shop. 

There are bounce houses available at virtually every price point. This means you can get carried away with the shopping process by using the best bounce house reviews to find a product with plenty of advanced features. Sometimes a basic bounce house is all that you need. So set a firm budget now to make sure you invest into the right inflatable for your financial needs.

  1. Residential bounce houses are not commercial bounce houses. 

Commercial inflatables are designed for rigorous, long-term use. Residential inflatables are designed for occasional use only in most circumstances. The residential models are lightweight because they’re made of a cloth/PVC combination. This makes them easier to manage, but less durable than their commercial counterparts.

  1. Think about the total capacity. 

If you have four kids at home, then you’re going to need a bounce house that can handle that many kids at once. Plan to purchase an inflatable that will accommodate your entire family for best results. Otherwise you’re going to see an increase in sibling bickering because everyone will always think it’s their turn to use the new bounce house.

  1. Continually flowing air will always be your best option. 

Some bounce houses are like an inflatable mattress. You fill them up with air and then an attached pump maintains that pressure. A better option is having a blower attached to your bounce house which provides continually flowing air. This will decrease the risk of damage occurring to your investment.

  1. Know your space. 

The dimensions of a bounce house online can sometimes be tricky. You might see package dimensions instead of inflated dimensions. Make sure your bounce house will fit in your intended space by looking for the dimensions of the inflatable when it is in use.

  1. Get your wiring right. 

Some of the larger residential bounce houses will require a 240v outlet in order to properly operate. That puts it in line with some hot tubs or home appliances. You may need to install a new outlet or run wiring to your inflatable installation location before purchase, which may run from $300-$1,000 depending on the electrical work that needs to be done.

  1. Ensure that there is a good warranty. 

A bounce house warranty should be at least 1 year. Anything less may provide unanticipated costs to keep it functioning. You may also wish to purchase an extended warranty if available. Also look to see what is covered by the warranty – not every manufacturer offers a complete warranty on their bounce houses.

Owning a bounce house can be a whole lot of fun. Plan for safety, but also use the best bounce house reviews to plan for the right features and cost so that you make the best possible purchase the first time around.

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