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Snow Tubing in NC

North Carolina offers numerous opportunities to enjoy snow tubing. You will find resorts with multiple runs available to you, easy accessibility, and long winter seasons so you can maximize your investment into one of the best snow tubes on the market today.

If you’re ready to hit the slopes, then here are the best options for you to start snow tubing in NC this year.

  1. Jonas Ridge 

This location can be found in the high country of North Carolina. There are six lanes on the hill for you to enjoy, an observation deck to watch others tubing, and a beautiful fireplace lounge area where you can get warm. It’s also a fairly recent addition to the snow tubing locations in NC, so the lines aren’t as long here as they are at other locations. 

  1. Sapphire Valley 

If there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground to enjoy, then this is the place to go snow tubing. They have huge snow guns that allow them to extend their snow tubing and skiing seasons by several weeks in some years. There are gentle slopes that are kid-friendly and steep slopes that adults are going to enjoy. A pro shop and restaurant are also located on the grounds so you can make it an entire day of fun. 

  1. Hawksnest 

Located at the 7 Devils, this snow tubing opportunity has started a recent expansion that will make it the largest place to enjoy tubing along the entire US East Coast. There are 4 different areas that provide a total of 20 lanes for tubing fun. Some lanes extend to 1,000 feet in length and a moving carpet makes it easy to go back to the top. Pizza, BBQ, and coffee are also available. 

  1. Wolf Ridge 

Plan to spend about 2 hours per snow tubing session if you hit up this resort in North Carolina. It’s close to the Mars Hill ski area and is rather popular, so your time on the runs may be limited based on who is present at the resort when you visit. It also has a carpet transport for tubers so you don’t have to walk back up the hill and shuttles from Mars Hill are available if you want to ski and tube on the same day. 

  1. Sugar Mountain Resort 

What can a golf course in NC do in the middle of winter do to stay busy? At this resort, you create snow tubing runs on the course! Each tubing run is 700 feet in length and serviced by a lift. You purchase time in sessions, each about 2 hours in length, and they run from 10am-10pm every day of the week when open. Tickets are priced starting at $27, with higher prices on weekends and holidays. Snow tubing in March offers the chance to obtain discounted tickets, which start at $20.

Snow tubing in NC can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Find the best snow tube to meet your needs today and then embrace the powder chutes that make tubing so much fun.

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