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How to Properly Care for Your Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable water slides can be used in backyards almost anywhere. They provide semi-portable fun whenever you’re looking to get wet on a warm day. Because there are many different makes and models of inflatable water slides, you will want to follow all specific manufacturer’s recommendations for care to always receive the best possible results.

You may also want to make a note of these general care recommendations that apply to this product.

  1. Take care when inflating your water slide. When inflating your water slide, you’ll want to fill each chamber in a clockwise pattern around the product. Continuing doing so as the water slide takes its shape. You can then work your way around the water slide one more time to make sure the air pressure is correct or the continuous air blower is properly installed.
  1. Keep filling up air until the pressure relief valve releases air. This will allow your inflatable water slide to have the best possible foot support while it is being used. You may not need to worry about this care step if you have a continuous air model.
  1. Do not overfill your inflatable water slide. You should receive a little bit of give when you are using the water slide. If it feels rock hard, then you may need to reduce your air settings a little. Overfilling an inflatable increases the risks of a puncture or explosive event.
  1. Air temperature will change internal air chambers. If you fill up an inflatable water slide in the coolness of the morning, then the heat of the afternoon will cause the air to expand and increase the internal pressure in each air bladder. Explosions can also occur should the air pressure within one of the tubes become too high. Consider letting a little air out during the afternoon or reducing the settings on your continuous air blower to reduce your risks.
  1. Always use care when handling sharp objects around your waterslide. Any sharp object offers the potential of a puncture.
  1. Most inflatable water slides can be cleaned with basic dish soap. Do not use any oil-based cleaners or chlorinated disinfectants to clean your water slide as these can degrade the vinyl or PVC – and potentially discolor it. Warm water and a mild dish soap are really all that is needed to care for the materials of the inflatable.

You could also use a cleaner that is specifically made for inflatables like this one: Seapower Marine Inflatable Cleaner

  1. Only store a deflated water slide that is completely dry. If an inflatable water slide is stored while still damp, then mold and mildew can form on the product and potentially make it unsuitable to be used. Wipe the inflatable water slide dry and then allow it to sit out in the sun for 1-2 hours before deflating it for storage.

The value of an inflatable water slide cannot be denied. By following these and other care steps provided by your product’s manufacturer, you’ll be able to maintain the value of your investment for multiple seasons.

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