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How to Maximize Your Pool Float Investment

Pool floats can be a lot of fun to use on a hot Summer’s day. They can also become useless if they aren’t used or stored properly. To make the most of your investment, here are some of the dos and don’ts of pool floats that you’ll want to follow.

Do store your pool float in a cool, clean spot. You don’t necessarily need to keep your pool float in a shed or garage. Any place that offers consistent shade and reasonable cleanliness will preserve the integrity of your investment.

If you would like an outdoor storage box that will safely keep your pool floats from prematurely degrading, we highly recommend this plastic deck container box that offers 110 gallons of storage space.

Don’t leave your pool float in the pool overnight. The plastic or vinyl will break down over time due to the exposure to the pool chemicals, sunshine, and heat. If you are getting out of your pool, then take out the pool float.

Do shut down your pool filtration system if you notice your pool float leaving debris in the pool. The plastic or vinyl of a float can be devastating to your motor and filters.

Don’t just inflate your pool floats as soon as you take them out of storage. Each float needs to be thoroughly inspected for use to make sure there are no punctures or tears present. If you do notice damage, then you’ll need to repair it by using a patching kit designed for your type of float.

Do throw away pool floats that have seam cracks that continue to expand in size, even if you are using a repair adhesive on a regular basis. This is generally a manufacturing issue that may be covered by warranty. If it has been less than a year since your purchase, contact the manufacturer to see if a replacement is available before throwing the defective float away.

Don’t attempt to use a defective pool float. If it needs to be repaired or replaced, then complete that process before floating in your pool.

Do keep other pool toys away from your floats whenever possible. Plastic sticks, balloons, and guns can cause a lot of unintended damage to your pool floats. Yes – balloons. A balloon that bursts in the vicinity of a pool inflatable can cause a surprising amount of damage. These toys can also blow into your pool and cause it to experience a lot of damage as well.

Don’t store your pool floats without cleaning them. The chlorine from your pool will continue to break down the plastic or vinyl while it is in storage. Rinse them off with a garden hose before deflating them for best results, then allow the inflatable to air dry before storing it.

Do make sure that you have a lot of fun!

Pool floats are generally an affordable product, but with a little work you can maximize that investment. Follow these dos and dont’s with your floats and you’ll lower the risks of needing to purchase a replacement product in the near future.

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