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Funny Stories Involving Inflatable Pools

Children splashed in the pool

Inflatable pools can provide your family with a cool way to relax on a warm day. They can also be the foundation of some pretty funny stories. Here are some of the best that we found on the internet right now.

  1. The Indoor Pool for a Penguin 

Did you know that you could fill up a 3,100-gallon inflatable pool in your living room? It happened. The goal was to get a pool that could become the home for a pet penguin. Needless to say, having a 15-foot diameter pool in a living room caused unanticipated consequences. There were leaking hazards that caused nightmares. Eventually they just hauled the whole thing back to Costco to get a full refund.

  1. The Pool Inflatables Love Addiction 

It’s true. There is a man in this world right now who is currently in love with an estimated 15 inflatable pool animals. Featured on the TV network TLC, he will have dinner with these animals, setting a plate for them. He’ll kiss them on their vinyl lips. “My inflatables are the funnest(sic) creatures I have to hang out with in my life.” He takes them swimming because they are soft and cuddly.

  1. A Hot Girl on a Giant Cockroach 

Speaking of strange inflatables that you can purchase for your inflatable pool, there’s a giant cockroach that you can lounge on if you wish. It’s literally six feet long and sold as a “Halloween Prop.”

You can grab one on Amazon here if you wish.

And if you aren’t sure about whether or not there is value in owning a giant inflatable cockroach, Bored Panda has put together a photo series with a model demonstrating just how attractive this product can be.

  1. The Religious Experience 

An inflatable pool in Montreal was installed each year as an “adventure” or “experience.” It was intended for swimming. It was reserved for the activity. You want to swim? Then go out into the lake. Which was fine except for a man dressed a whole lot like Johnny Cash, who happened to be followed by a large group of women all dressed in white.

Their goal? To praise God by being baptized in the inflatable adventure water course. The manager kicked them out. So an angry woman came out, apparently unbaptized, and wanted to know if their group could perform a beach baptism instead.

  1. How Big Is That Inflatable Pool? 

If you’ve ever looked at inflatable pools online, then you’ve likely seen some promotional images of happy kids playing with the pool. There might be half a dozen kids around the pool, all having a great time. Unfortunately, it seems like those pools have a bunch of kids who are shopped into the image to convey how awesome it is.

Here’s a prime example published by Heavy in 2014 of what the marketing image was… and what it looked like in reality for the kids who got the pool. To be fair – it doesn’t look like the real pool has been filled with water yet.

What are some of your funny stories that involve an inflatable pool? We’d love to hear them if you’re willing to share a laugh!

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