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Funny Stories About Inflatable Water Slides (And Other Pool Hilarity)

Owning a water slide can be a lot of fun. Inflatable water slides make it possible to enjoy this fun on a budget. Yet there can be some funny or embarrassing moments which occur when they are being used. Here are some of the best water slide stories we could find on the internet right now.

  1. Bad Pillow! 

There was no graceful landing. Oh no, it was all legs in the air, hands flailing, wedgy-inducing horror. When I finally stopped, my swim suit bottoms had firmly planted themselves in wedgy formation. My boobs were precariously close to popping out and I had taken out the first row of on-lookers. Okay – that last part may be a slight exaggeration, but I had sprayed water all over them.” 

  1. Water Slides Are No Fun! 

I forgot to tie my bathing suit tighter before I went down because it was a little too big for me. When I reached the bottom of the slide, I realized that my bathing suit was missing, so I walked around the end of the water slide looking for it. Hoping that no one would see that I was naked. The lifeguard told me to get out of the pool so people wouldn’t slide into me. I didn’t want to shout out in front of everyone that I lost my bathing suit, so I said ‘Just a second.’ The lifeguard grabbed me by the armpits and dragged me out of the pool. 

  1. The Wrong Kind of Ride 

A woman walks up to the lifeguard on duty where a new water slide has just opened. You have to either lie down on your stomach to go down the water slide or crouch on your knees while using a mat. There’s an older woman in line with her daughter.

“Will I be okay on this ride?” the woman asks. “I have trouble getting on my knees.”

The daughter decides to answer her mom’s question. “That’s not what Dad says.”

  1. Puppy Love 

I had this crush on a girl in 10th grade. We went on a field trip to the local water park on the last day of school. She had on a very sexy bathing suit. I steered away from her and got in line for the big slide. As I was about to go down it, a couple of bullies pushed me and I went down totally lop-sided, doing flips and all sorts of things. As the big finale came up, I went flying off all wrong. In mid-air, I believe, my bathing suit came off and fell somewhere else in the pool, leaving me completely naked. Then the girl came down on the slide next to me in the same way and landed on top of me. When she realized I was naked, she screamed. I spent the rest of the day in the detentary.” 

Do you have a funny or embarrassing story from your time on a water slide? Inflatable or otherwise? If you’re willing to share a laugh, we’d love to hear from you.

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