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Floating the Guadalupe River

Located in Texas, the Guadalupe River sees a lot of tubing traffic during the warmer months of the year. At the height of summer, it becomes the definition of a “party river.” Floating on the Guadalupe River can be crowded, but that’s part of what it makes it so fun.

With a little planning, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the opportunities this large river affords you.

Why Choose to Float the Guadalupe River?

Unlike other Texas rivers, the Guadalupe River offers you a wide variety of floating options. You can choose to float through communities like New Braunfels or choose to enjoy the rustic landscapes of country life. The flows are varied as well, offering the opportunity to enjoy tube chutes, boulders, and even rapids if you wish.

The river is intense, especially compared to other Texas tubing opportunities. That’s also what makes it so popular.

Because you have upper, central, and lower tubing areas to enjoy, driving to your preferred spot to find a place to park is rarely an issue. What you do need to focus on is the current flow rate that is found on the river. You can do this by checking on the release rates that are reported by the Canyon Lake Dam.

Highlights of Floating Down the Guadalupe River

Although any spot on the Guadalupe River is a good one to enjoy floating, there are some specific areas that many visitors want to try if this is their first time visiting this Texas tubing opportunity.

  • The Chute. This tube chute is several hundred yards in length and will give you a nice boost of speed. It’s also nice because you can choose to continue on or work your way to the shore to go down the chute again.
  • The Horseshoe. This loop float can be found on the upper portion of the river, above the location of the Chute. It also has a disembarking point so you can go through it again if you wish.
  • There are small rapids located here that will give you a boost of adrenaline, but without a lot of risk. It’s also one of the few places you can actually float on this river if water levels are below normal. If water levels are high, however, it may not be suitable for inexperienced floaters to traverse.

Most tubing outfitters and guides will focus on providing services in one of these three sections. You can choose to rent your tube and other equipment from them if you wish or you can bring your own river tubing equipment and just hop into the river to have a good time.

Plan to spend about 6 hours on the river if you plan to see all the key points on the river. Another popular way to enjoy the Guadalupe River is to start at the Chute and then float down to the lower sections of the river.

Floating the Guadalupe River can be a great time. Pick your spot, wear some sunscreen, and see the best of what Texas has to offer.

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