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Best Inflatable Water Slide Reviews: Our Favorites Compared


The best inflatable water slides are a great investment to make for your family this season. Not only can you bring the fun of the water park to your backyard, but you can also bring that fun along every warm summer’s afternoon if you wish. Which kind of inflatable water slide is right for you? Will you need a permanent blower for your water slide? Let’s get your questions answered today.

The Best Chart for Inflatable Water Slides

There are two basic types of inflatable water slides that are available right now: standard slides that splash kids and adults into a pool or complex slides that offer ball pits, bounce houses, and other fun accessories to the inflatable. The top-rated inflatable water slides in the chart below will help you find the right design for your backyard.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Bounceland Single Inflatable Water Slide 4.2
Turbo Slide Inflatable Water Slide with Blower 4.3
Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park 4.5
Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide 4.5
Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide 4.4
Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park 4.7
Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park w/ Dual Slides 4.5
Backyard Adventure Water Park 4.6
Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet 'n Dry Inflatable Bouncer 4.3
Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center 4.0
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

What Are the Advantages of the Best Inflatable Water Slides?

On a hot day, it’s been said that you should skip work to have fun at your local water park. But what if you don’t have a water park that is close to your home? What if you don’t even have a public pool that you can use? This is the first and primary advantage of the inflatable water slide. Whether you want to use it or your kids are fighting you for slide time, all of you can have some cool fun on a warm day.

You’ll also discover these advantages come with today’s best inflatable water slides.

  • They are extremely easy to maintain. Most of the inflatable water slides today are made from a very durable PVC or vinyl so that they can be used on a regular basis. All inflatables will eventually wear out, but you’ll receive more seasons now in a modern product than from the water slides that were available just a decade ago.
  • They make sure you get soaked. Many of the water slides in this category aren’t going to drop you huge distances or cause you to make a huge splash. You are going to get soaked and have fun doing it, however, and that’s what matters. Getting soaked with your own personal water slide is a fun that really can’t be described until you experience it.
  • They give you a chance to gain perspective. Before you own an inflatable water slide, you may think that this is a product you’re not going to need. When you own one, you realize that many of the issues that can make for a bad day really aren’t that important. You gain perspective because you’re able to have fun.

As for the kids, the best inflatable water slides are an easy way to make sure they get active during the day. Nothing can get in the way of your fun. Not your phone. Not the video games. Not even your boss, who has been calling three times an hour about why you’re not at work.

We won’t tell that you’re having fun with your new inflatable water slide if you won’t.

What Are the Prices of the Best Inflatable Water Slides?

You’re going to find most inflatable water slides are priced at $500 or less. There are some entry-level water slides in the $100-$200 range, but we recommend purchasing one that requires continuous air flow for best results. The continuous air flow is more supportive of body weight and will add more life to your investment.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Blast Zone Hydro Rush

Measuring up to 8 feet tall when fully inflated and up to 18 feet in length, this fun inflatable water slide has the ability to support 6 kids at once. A sprayer is also included with this design in addition to the water slide, so the kids are going to get wet. Suitable for kids 3 years of age or older, you will want to watch the short bend at the bottom of the slide as they enter the pool. Some children may bounce out of this inflatable, especially if they attempt to jump down the slide.

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Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve

This fun inflatable offers a small splash pool area and a basketball hoop for added fun in addition to the water slide. Stakes will anchor this bouncer in place if you wish to use it without water as well. The puncture-resistant materials are pretty durable, as is the heavy duty blower, so everyone will be able to have a great time. From a parent’s perspective, this unique design is nice because you can always see the kids, no matter where they might be playing on the inflatable. It’s a little smaller than some other models in this category, but the amount of fun it provides cannot be denied.

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Intex Rainbow Ring

If you’re looking for something that is fast, quick, and affordable, then this is the inflatable water slide for you. It only holds about 1 gallon of water when fully inflated, so it is best suited for toddlers. A sprayer attaches to your garden hose to make sure all of the older kids get wet as well. Ring games and a toss ball game are also incorporated into the design of this cheap inflatable. If you’re limited on space, this is the best water slide for you.

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Backyard Adventure Water Park

To be fair, this isn’t “technically” a water slide. It’s more of an entire backyard of fun. There’s a tunnel to run through that will get the kids wet. You can also slide through another spray tunnel to get even more wet. Two additional stations will make sure everyone gets soaked. Four repair patches, the blower you need, and a water hose assemble are included, along with a carrying bag. You will need some space in your backyard to set up the full water park, so it may not be suitable for every home.

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This single inflatable water slide might be the best value purchase in this category. It offers a long fill tube, over 6 feet in length, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. It inflates in just a minute and will get the kids plenty wet with the splashdown area at the end of the slide. The materials are quadruple stitched at the highest stress points for this 7-foot tall inflatable as well, so you can be confident that your investment will last over several seasons.

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A Quick Guide to Inflatable Water Slides

When you’re shopping for the best inflatable water slides, the first distinction that you’ll need to make is whether you’re looking for a residential inflatable or a commercial inflatable. Here’s the primary difference between the two products.

  • Residential inflatable water slides are generally intended to be used by children under the age of 12. They may be single person inflatables that generally have a weight tolerance of 100 pounds or less.
  • Commercial inflatable water slides are suitable to be used by children and adults. They are designed to be frequently used, even on a daily basis, by several people at once.

If you have ever rented an inflatable bounce house or water slide, then you were using a commercial inflatable.

There are certain benefits to owning each type of inflatable water slide, so it all depends on how you intend to use your preferred product.

Residential water slides are lightweight and easy to setup or take down. Some makes and models in this category may state that they can hold up to six children at a time. This means their final weight tolerance would be 600 pounds. The weight of the inflatable is often 50 pounds or less, which makes it possible for one person to set up the water slide on their own. Most residential water slides will work with a standard garden hose.

Commercial water slides can double as a generic inflatable slide as well. These are usually purchased by rental businesses or organizations which host large events because they may cost several thousand dollars. They can hold several adults at once and may have multiple slides built into the design. Most will still work with a standard garden hose. Many tend to weigh more than 150 pounds when fully compressed, so 2-3 people may be needed to set them up.

A constant flow of water is required if using either product as a water slide. Having partial water coverage can lead to skin rubbing injuries that are similar to carpet burn.

Both types of inflatable water slides will typically come with a continuous air blower so that the unit can be used safely. Many of the blowers which come with this type of product required a 220/240 outlet to be properly used. This means you may need to run new wiring to your installation location or purchase a generator that can supply the right amount of power.

If a generator is the right solution for you, then we highly recommend the Honda 7000W 120/240v fuel efficient generator with an inverter.

Make Sure You Review the Terms of Your Warranty 

Most inflatable water slides will come with at least a 30-day warranty against defects and craftsmanship issues. Some of the water slides in this category may come with warranties that are 1-3 years in length. Most manufacturers will also offer an optional extended warranty which can be added to your purchase upon checkout.

Before finalizing your purchase, you will want to review the best inflatable water slide reviews to determine what the warranty details happen to be. Just about every residential water slide, for example, will have its warranty voided if it is used in a commercial setting.

You might also see these warranty stipulations in place that you’ll need to avoid so you don’t void your warranty.

  • Adding toys, like plastic balls, to your inflatable water slide.
  • Putting chemically treated water into your water slide. Because some tap/hose water can be chemically treated, you may need to speak with your local water treatment agency about what disinfectants are used and at what level.
  • Using the water slide in a way that is not intended. If your inflatable water slide states that it must be used on a flat, firm surface and you put it up on a slide decline, this could be enough to void the warranty.

Inflatable water slides also have the issue of movement which needs to be addressed. Adding water to this product is not always enough weight to keep the inflatable from being affected by windy conditions. All it takes is 2 inches of clearance between the water slide and the ground for it to potentially tip over.

You will want to use metal stakes to secure your inflatable water slide to the ground. Plastic stakes, which often come with these inflatables, are not strong enough to withstand wind conditions that exceed 10-15mph. We like these Pioneer Tent Stakes as an option to replace the plastic stakes that may come with your inflatable.

Are You Ready to Have Fun with Your New Inflatable Water Slide?

The best inflatable water slides are one of the best value purchases you can make this year for backyard fun. It’s one-part playground, one-part swimming pool, and one-part bounce house all rolled up into one product. Your kids will be fighting with you for time on your water slide, whether you purchase a residential or a commercial one.

The most important thing to remember with this product is that almost all inflatable water slides will require a blower to create continuous air conditions. Check your product listing to ensure that your water slide comes with the blower it needs. If not, then you will need to purchase one separately in order to safely use your new product.

The best inflatable water slides will provide you numerous seasons of backyard fun. Start making new family memories with this fun product and you will find that this purchase today will be money that is well-spent.

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