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Best Towable Tubes For Boating: Our Reviews & Recommendations

Family Fun Tubing on a Lake

Water sports can be a whole lot of fun. The best towable tubes for boating help to make that fun become accessible to virtually everyone. Bouncing along in the wake of a boat with inflatables that can sometimes seat up to 5 people safely means that no one has to wait their turn to put on the water skis. Are you ready to find the affordable towable tube that will get you out onto the water today?

The Best Chart for Towable Tubes

The quality of your towable tubes for boating will help to determine how much fun you’re able to have. This chart offers you the chance to review the top-rated towable tubes in this category so that you can quickly find the one which will meet your unique needs.

PictureNameOur RatingNo. of personsPrice
Airhead AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable 4.3
Airhead AHBL-12 Blast Towable 4.21
Sports Stuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable 4.43
Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Towable 4.4
Rave Razor 2-Rider Towable 4.5
Sports Stuff 53-1329 Big Bertha Towable 4.0
RAVE Sports Warrior 3 4.0
Sports Stuff 53-1750 Poparazzi Towable 4.0
World of Watersports 11-1090 Giant Thriller Inflatable 4.3
Airhead AHTB-12 Turbo Blast Inflatable Towable 4.5
PictureNameOur RatingNo. of personsPrice

What Are the Advantages of the Best Towable Tubes for Boating? 

In a word: value.

With the best towable tubes for boating, you can turn your current boat into a towable platform for water sports for sometimes less than $100 right now. This is 50% of the price of a standard wakeboard, which is often marketed as the most affordable water sport accessory. These cost-effective towable tubes are generally meant for one person, but it is suitable for grandparents, kids, and everyone in-between.

You can also find towable tubes that can fit the whole family on them for a good time. The current generation of towable tubes can safely seat 3-4 people on several makes and models that are available right now. Larger models can even safely seat 5 people, though options in this size tend to be a bit limited.

You’ll also receive these unique advantages if you decide to embrace towable tubes as a water sport this season.

  • The whole family can enjoy a high-excitement ride which has a relatively low risk – assuming you aren’t using a water kite or flying tube, anyway.
  • Towable tubes are easy to mount and most models allow the rider to remain seated for a long ride while holding onto safety straps.
  • Modern towable tubes have stable platforms which reduces the number of random wipeouts that have occurred with this product in the past.

Deep seating options, head rests, and knuckle guards are more recent innovations that have helped to make a towable tube be a fun option for the whole family. That means it is up to you to browse through the towable tube reviews to find the features that you are going to want.

What Are the Prices of the Best Towable Tubes for Boating?

Pricing within this category is dependent on the size of the towable tube you’re wanting. Single-rider towable tubes are often priced below $100. If you are looking for a dual rider towable tube, then several models are in the $150-$200 range. Tubes which safely hold 3-4 people may be up to $350. Premium tubes which hold more people or offer different riding options can sometimes exceed $400.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Airhead HD3 Hot Dog Towable

There are plenty of ways to enjoy water sports. Yet most of them don’t involve you and two of your friends being towed behind a boat on a giant hot dog. It might seem a little crazy, perhaps a little ridiculous, but the fun is undeniable. This is one sturdy towable as well, with 30-gauge vinyl air chambers that are fully encased with an 840D nylon cover that is stitched in all of the right places. It connects quickly, pulls consistently, and can be used by 1 or 2 riders instead of three if you prefer.

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Sports Stuff Super Mable

We like this towable tube for boating because it offers two different tow points. You can go backwards or forwards and have a lot of fun. The backrest gives you a nice place to hold on and you can either lie down or get pulled straight up. There’s enough room to fit three people on this towable as well and the knuckle guards on the grab handles do their job efficiently. A full nylon cover with zipper for easy cleaning completes the positive experience with this bright orange towable.

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Wow Watersports

This is one of those towable tubes that you need to be careful using. Because it is a flying wing design, pulling it too fast can cause it to go airborne. This can happen even when there are two or three people who are using it – though it can actually hold four people for a tow if you wish. It’s even large enough that you can use this towable tube as a floating island when you’re finished with the ride. As a towing system, it’s great because it is so large. If there’s just one person on it, we’d advise going with a different towable tube.

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Rave Razor

If you’re looking for a towable tube that offers more of a wakeboarding experience, then we highly recommend this model. It stays stable in the wake of the boat, yet still gives the rider more maneuverability than most other tubes. You’ll be able to do jumps and tricks, especially if just one person is using this towable tube. The neoprene knuckle guards are also a nice edition and you really can’t beat the price on this tube either. Give it a look and we think you’ll be pleased.

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Airhead Blast

This is your standard 1-person towable tube. It offers four handles or grips, but the size makes it suitable for just one rider. The double-stitched nylon cover stays in place well, the PVC is durable, and there’s a self-draining floor vent to deal with some of the splashing that may happen. Of course you’re going to either love or hate the graphics, but don’t judge the quality of this tube solely on its appearance. The electronically welded seams stay strong and the speed is good, which means there’s always a day of water fun waiting for you when you own this tube.

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A Quick Guide to Towable Tubes

Let’s get you started with this water sport. Once you’ve found the towable tube for boating that’s right for you, then you’re going to need to find some support equipment to make sure you can use the tube safely. There are 5 basic equipment needs that you must meet before you hit the water for the first time.

  1. A tow rope. You can’t tow a towable without a rope. When shopping for one, it is important to know that tow ropes are rated by what is called their breaking-strength tolerance. A single-rider towable requires a 2,000-pound rope. Each additional rider you intend to pull will add another 2,000 pounds to the rope requirement. The good news is that almost all towables have a quick-connect system which lets you connect the tow rope to it with just a couple of clicks.
  2. Tow rope harnesses. The harness will automatically center the tow rope while it is being pulled. This allows you to avoid having the rope becoming tangled up in your motor, allowing you to focus on driving.
  3. Safety flags. Almost every jurisdiction in the United States requires boaters to carry safety flags in case someone enters the water. Some even require flags to be displayed if you are underway with a towable in use. Look for flags that can stick to your windows or deck with suction cups so they are easy to display or take down.
  4. Life jackets. No one should be on a towable tube without a life jacket. It doesn’t matter if they are a world-class swimmer. You never know when an injury may occur that could limit the ability to swim. And – it’s generally the law. The US Coast Guard requires your boat to have life jackets on board for everyone who is on the boat.
  5. Air pumps. It takes a long time to blow up an inflatable towable tube using manual pumps or old-fashioned lung power. Invest into a handheld electric pump and you’ll be able to enjoy your towable tubes almost anywhere.

There are several different types of life jackets that are available for purchase today. We recommend purchasing Type III life jackets for riding on towable tubes. These are specifically designed to be supportive of all people who are participating in water sports.

The US Coast Guard also offers some helpful tips to help you use, wear, and care for your new life jackets as well.

Should I Invest into a High Performance Towable Tube? 

If you’ve been enjoying the fun of a towable tube for some time, you might be thinking about upgrading your equipment. High-performance towables can be a lot of fun because they allow you to replicate what a wakeboard can do, but with less physical impact. This class of towable tubes for boating can provide increased speed, better maneuverability, and different riding positions.

Most high-performance towable tubes for boating will come in either a wedge design or a delta-shaped design. Some introductory towables also come in these designs, but for the most part, you’ll find that these two designs are intended to help you cut the wake and jump a wave instead of sitting back for a relaxing time.

You’ll also find some flying-wing towables, U-shaped towables, or horseshoe towables in the high-performance category as well. As long as these towable tubes are intended to stay on the water’s surface, they can also provide you with the ride you want. For more on what to avoid on this category, be sure to visit our guide to the madness that is flying water tubes.

Are Towable Tubes for Boating Really Safe for Kids? 

There are many family-friendly towable tubes for boating that are on the market today. The towable tubes that are intended for kids to use generally have a design that is more robust, remaining stable even if there is an instance of user error that could cause a different tube design to overturn.

Family-friendly towable tubes will generally have larger and sturdier rider handles so that a firm grip can be obtained. You may also have a reinforced floor and a more secure upright seat design so that kneeling or lying down is limited or prohibited.

We do recommend using the towable tubes which have a floor if kids will be using the towable. There are still some manufacturers that provide the traditional “ring” design of towable with an open bottom. If you want the traditional style, look for models that have low-friction fabric underneath the ring. Not only will this prevent a rider from falling through the middle, but it will also improve the performance of the towable tube as well.

How Many Summers Do You Have Left for Towable Tubes?

Kids grow up fast. You have 18 summers with them at the most. How many of those do you have left? Make each one become more memorable when you have an adventure with the best towable tubes for boating that are available today.

Friends come and go. Towable tubes can help you make the most of the time you have together in a way that is unique and fun. Combine an afternoon of tubing with a beach campfire in the evening for a special day everyone will remember.

Are the grandparents visiting? Then get them out of the house and onto one of today’s best towable tubes. An afternoon of fun on the water beats reruns of Matlock any day of the week.

The bottom line is this: the best towable tubes for boating are one of the most affordable investments you can make for yourself, your family, and your friends right now. You’ll be able to get out onto the water without much risk, have an exciting time, and the only skill a towable tube rider may need to have is the ability to hold on for a great ride.

So give them that ride. Use the towable tube reviews to your advantage so that you can get the best product to meet your needs today.

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