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Best Inflatable Pool For Adults: Reviews Of The Greatest


When it’s hot outside, you want a convenient place to cool off. You also want to be confident in the quality of product that you use to stay cool and have fun. Going to the public pool can do all of this, but not without a cost, it’s always busy. You also never know what might be in that water.

With the best inflatable pools for adults, you can install your own convenient place to have backyard fun whenever you feel the need to splash around. Which inflatable pool is right for you?

The Best Chart for Inflatable Pools

Some inflatable pools provide a full season of support year after year with only minimal upkeep and maintenance. Others are barely able to survive a couple of uses. The top-rated inflatable pools in the chart below will give you the best possible experience as long as you have the installation space.

PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice
Intex Swimming Pool Easy Set 3.6
8' x 30”
Intex Oval Frame Inflatable Pool Set 4.5
20' x 12' x 48”
Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool 4.3
15' x 48”
Intex Round Easy Set Deluxe Swimming Pool 4.0
18' x 48”
Family Swim Center Inflatable Swimming Pool 4.0
10' x 6' x 22”
Intex Metal Frame Easy Up Pool Set 4.2
12' x 30”
Bestway Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set 4.0
12' x 30”
Intex Swimming Pool Set with Filter Pump/Debris Cover 4.5
10' x 30”
PictureNameOur RatingSizePrice

What Are the Advantages of Owing the Best Inflatable Pools for Adults?

A backyard pool has often been a status symbol of Middle Class wealth. You were “somebody” if you had a pool in your backyard. For many, pool ownership was always an impossible dream. With the best inflatable pools for adults available right now, it has become very easy to make that dream become a reality.

Yet the status of ownership and the ability to splash around in your own pool aren’t the only advantages you receive with an inflatable pool. You’ll also receive these additional advantages with a modern inflatable pool.

  • Inflatable pools are quite durable. You won’t have to deal with the cracking plastic of a wading pool or the permanence of an in-ground or fully framed pool, yet you can still have confidence in its ability to hold water all season long.
  • Inflatable pools can hold treated water. Many inflatable pools even come with full filtration systems so that you can continually maintain a clean, sanitary environment to enjoy when you want to splash around.
  • Inflatable pools are usually not covered by zoning laws. Although every community is a little different, most inflatable pools are small enough that you won’t have to meet specific property requirements just to use your pool.

There’s also the advantage of how easy it is to acquire an inflatable pool right now. You don’t need to go to a specialty store or deal with a pool dealership. You can shop online for your pool right now, have it delivered straight to your door, and be ready to enjoy the water after just a few hours of filling.

What Are the Prices of the Best Inflatable Pools for Adults?

There are three categories of inflatable pools to consider here: family inflatables, round inflatables, and semi-permanent inflatables.

Family inflatable pools are generally the most cost-effective, coming in under $100 in most circumstances. They’re also the smallest pools in this category.

Round inflatables can be just as portable as a family inflatable, but hold more water. Some come with filtration systems. You can expect to pay $150-$450 for most pools of this type.

Semi-permanent inflatable pools are the most expensive, but they also offer the best value. They offer enough space for actual swimming and exercise while adding value to your property. Most pools of this type begin at $600 and can be upwards of $5,000 depending on the features you want.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Intex Easy Set

It doesn’t get much easier than this if you want a backyard swimming pool. Just unpack your pool and the setup takes just 10 minutes. A filtration system which gives you 330 gallons per hour of support will help you get the clean, sanitary environment you want and the super tough plastic is resistant to impact and abrasions. At 80% full, this pool holds just over 600 gallons of water and comes with a GFCI plug feature.

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If you’re looking for a bit more structure in your swimming pool, then this model might just be the best option for you. It’s a metal frame pool that sets up in just a few minutes and is supported by 3-ply side walls made from polyester and heavy duty PVC. The pump is a little undersized at 330 GPH, considering this pool can hold over 1,700 gallons at 90% capacity, so you might want to consider an upgrade there. Otherwise you’ll be able to have a pool that is deep enough to splash around in, but shallow enough that everyone in the family can have some fun.

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Intex Family Swim Center

This is the affordable family pool you’ll want to have if you have infants or toddlers in your home. It’s still remarkably large for a “small” inflatable pool, offering you nearly 300 gallons of water capacity at just 60% full. The vinyl is only 15 gauge, so you may want to place this pool on a deck or a ground pad instead of the bare ground to avoid damage. When fully inflated, it is 10 feet long, 6 feet wide, but just 22 inches high, so everyone has space to have fun.

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Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool

This might be the oldest inflatable pool for adults in our reviews, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t one of the best. This above-ground pool self-inflates as you fill it with water, so all you have to do is unpack it and stick in your garden hose. The PVC features an inner polyester mesh for strength in the sidewalls and a filter pump system with a chlorinator and easy-to-replace filter will help to keep the water clean. When fully inflated, it stands 42 inches tall and holds about 900 gallons of water.

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A Quick Guide to Inflatable Pools

There is one issue that trips up many inflatable pool owners: local regulations. You can get into a lot of trouble if your pool doesn’t meet local zoning or HOA regulations.

In many communities, there is a regulation that states any pool which is four feet in height or greater requires a fence to be built around it. Just because the pool sits above the ground does not mean it is exempt from this regulation. This means any inflatable pools that are 4 feet in height or greater may require a fence to be installed for safety reasons for the installation to be considered legal.

Some inflatable pool owners may also encounter certain drawbacks during their ownership experience.

  • Some inflatable pools can be difficult to repair. If your pool gets a tear in it, then the entire pool will likely need to be drained before a repair can be completed. Best case scenario: you waste thousands of gallons of treated water and have to start over. Worst case scenario: you need to purchase a new pool.
  • Inflatable pools also need a level installation area. Most yards have slight variations in grading to help with precipitation drainage. This means site prep will likely be needed for most inflatable pools. You may be able to put some pools on a deck, but before doing so, make sure it is professionally inspected to know how much weight it can bear.
  • Filter intakes on some inflatable pools can be quite low. Every season, there is a story or two that pops up of someone getting their hair or swimsuit sucked up by the filter intake of an inflatable pool. With care, this can be avoided, but it can be a dangerous situation should it occur.

There’s also the issue of spreading recreational water illnesses when using an inflatable pool. This is especially true for small inflatable pools that are designed for children. Swallowing the water or exposure to contaminated water through the eyes or skin can cause people to get sick. This is true even if tap water containing disinfectants is being used.

To avoid the transmission of an illness, no one should use an inflatable pool if they have been recently ill. Take a shower or bath using a cleansing soap before entering the water. Avoid getting pool water in your mouth. If there is a contaminant that gets into the pool, the clear it of people, empty it, clean it, and then allow it to dry in the sun for a minimum of 4 hours.

Taking Care of an Inflatable Pool for Adults

The best way to take care of your inflatable pool is to make sure you are keeping the water it contains in a properly sanitized condition. Since these pools can hold thousands of gallons of water and may not have a full filtration system, it is up to you to properly treat the water so that it is safe.

This means you will want to purchase certain water treatment items for your inflatable pool to make sure the water is free from bacteria and other harmful elements. Even filtered pools need to have these items as well.

  • Chemicals, such as chlorine, so that the water can be treated or shocked when necessary.
  • pH balance strips to make sure your water isn’t too acidic or base.
  • Cleaning tools to remove organic debris that will collect in your pool over time.

What you should not do is use over-the-counter chlorine bleach in your inflatable pool. The bleach can alter the composition of the vinyl or PVC and cause it to become weak over time. You’ll have a clean inflatable pool, but you may also have a pool that won’t last as long as it could. Only use approved pool chemicals in any pool.

What About Dumping Out the Water to Clean an Inflatable Pool? 

For smaller family-style inflatable pools, it may be easier to just dump out the water to clean the pool. If your swimming pool holds 200 gallons of water or less, this may be an effective solution. If you own one of the best inflatable pools for adults that holds thousands of gallons, however, drainage may not be your best solution.

Water may need to be conserved. Excessive water may overwhelm your property’s drainage grading.

For this reason, it is not usually recommended to drain the water out of a pool in order to clean it. If you need to clean the interior of the pool, there are several vinyl-safe underwater vacuums that can be used to remove common organics, such as mold, mildew, or algae from the sides of the inflatable pool.

Are You Ready to Own the Best Inflatable Pool for Adults?

Inflatable pools come in many different shapes and sizes today, but they all offer the opportunity to have some backyard fun. Pool ownership might have been a status symbol in the past, but today it is a symbol of your desire to have fun. There is an inflatable pool available for virtually every budget right now.

As long as you maintain sanitary water conditions and regularly clean your inflatable pool, it will be available to use for multiple seasons.

The best inflatable pool for adults can be used in your backyard. It will be easy to setup and use. It will also be easy to repair should something happen to it. So find the best pool to meet your needs today, have it delivered, and then fill it up with your garden hose. Then treat the water if need be and get ready to hop in because you’re going to have an awesome time owning a pool this season.

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